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Sketching in Zbrush for Designers Full Course By Jose Cua

Sketching in Zbrush for Designers Full Course By Jose Cua

We all know Zbrush is a fantastic program for 3d sculpting and visualization. But not many know that it has some features which makes it an amazing 2d tool that artists’ can utilize in the design process as well.


Here is a quick overview video



So who is this tutorial for? Whether your a 3d artist, a concept artist, an illustrator, a graphic designer or even someone in the field of fashion. I teach techniques in short but jam packed chapters that will provide you with a new tool in your arsenal and skills that you can use to compliment your design process immediately. I share numerous examples and a variety of applications for each technique, from character design, mech design, prop design, illustration, graphic design and even jewelry design!


If your a total beginner I walk you through the basics of the Zbrush interface in a structured and easy to follow progression. If you an advanced user, starting from chapter two onwards, there will be techniques and application of tools that you might have never seen used in this manner before, a magical side of Zbrush that will hopefully inspire to create 🙂

Here’s a summary of what I cover:

  • The tools and functions for sketching inside of zbrush
  • Basics techniques and interface overview for someone that is totally new to the program.
  • The different symmetry controls and their applications for design
  • The different masking tools and some interesting tips and tricks to integrate them in the design process
  • Different brushes for sketching, and their applications
  • Thumbnailing through line in zbrush
  • Thumbnailing through sillhouette in zbrush
  • Thumbnailnig in color in zbrush
  • Character portraits in zbrush in zbrush
  • Rendering techniques in Zbrush
  • Designing in Radial Symmetry  in zbrush


On top of the Instructional videos, there is an extra 1hr 42m of recorded demo’s. Thats 12 timelapses, some of which are not even shown in the lesson chapters.

Each chapter new teaches skills that build off the previous.  There is also a set of notes in form of a PDF that has the shortcuts and overview of the lessons covered.

Thank you in advance for your support. Happy Zbrushing! 🙂

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