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Top 10 Creature 3D Concept and WIP by Ben Erdt

Top 10 Creature 3D Concept and WIP by Ben Erdt

Ben Erdt is a Character Artist, Creature Artist, Modeler at Guerrilla Games from Amsterdam, Netherlands. In this post you will see Top 10 Creature 3D Concept and WIP by Ben Erdt.


Leviathan – Creature Design and Model

Final rendered image

Original res

Final Sculpt

Final Sculpt III

Final Sculpt IV

Final Sculpt V
Model before sculpting. Manually modeled for Sub-D

Skaarj – Unreal Fanart

Unreal Skaarj Fanart (model variations)

Idle animation for a Skaarj from the Unreal franchise by Karim Baz. The rig was created by Perry.

Skaarj Unreal Fanart

Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artist/duckz0rs




Breakdown – Skaarj Fanart

Final Highpoly

Base body highres sculpt

Noodling out other suit/helmet ideas. Bit too sofisticated for the Skaarj race but it was fun.

Testing an injured head variant.

The variations that can be switched to in the rig.

Plain body diffuse texture

Tunnel Dweller – Concept Idea









Creature Dude – Concept 02



Coffee Break – Shipyard Mechanic Concept







Alien Scientist









Tactical Analyst











Shriekers Fighting
































Creature Bust








Website: http://www.ben-erdt.de/
Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artist/benerdt/profile

Ben Erdt Modeling Reel 2012

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