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Top 6 3D Art by Anders Ehrenborg

Top 6 3D Art by Anders Ehrenborg

Anders Ehrenborg is a 3D Artist from Wellington, New Zealand. He used Software like 3DS Max, Vray, Hair Farm, Zbrush, Lightwave, Modo, Photoshop, Mari, Marvelous Designer. In this post you will see Top 6 3D Art by Anders Ehrenborg.


Loretta Young

3D image based on an early(~1930s) photo of the actress. Most of the work was done in ZBrush. Then rendered in 3dsmax/v-ray. Sculpted hair was made in ZBrush and the rendered hair in Hairfarm.



Bear King

Most modeling was done in Zbrush then rendered in 3dsmax/v-ray.



Nimue statue

Modeled in ZBrush










Ibn Battuta



Model views from ZBrush:







Website: http://www.andersehrenborg.com/

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