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Creature Bust 3D Art by Khiew Jit Chun

Creature Bust 3D Art by Khiew Jit Chun

Khiew Jit Chun, a 3D Artist based in Malaysia. He is skilled in Specialize in 3d Modeling, Digital Sculpting,Texturing (lookDev), Retopolizing based on 3d Scan and Lidar, Photorealistic Modeling. He did worked on VFX like Percy Jackson Sea of Monster, Seventh Son, Into the Storm. He is a Senior Asset Artist in Anima Point. In this post you will see Creature Bust 3D Art by Khiew Jit Chun. Entire model was done only with zbrush and final composite in Photoshop.













Website: http://khiewjitchun.wix.com/jckhiew3d

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