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Displacement Map Tutorial by Matias Molero

Displacement Map Tutorial by Matias Molero

MATIAS MOLERO is a 3D Modeler – Digital Art from Mendoza, Argentina.

Watch Displacement Map Tutorial by Matias Molero. The seams are usually very complicated when working the clothing in ZBrush, because there’s very few resources and requires patience. On this quick tutorial you will learn to create your own seam alpha maps from any image or photograph. To create the map we will use: ShaderMap (make the displacement map), Photoshop (work the alpha map), and ZBrush (to apply to a 3D object).









Matias Molero specialties are:

– Generate organic high resolution models, low resolution models, and textures for real-time 3d – engines.
– Collaborate with artists and animators to develop run-time game 3D Data procedures & pipelines.
– Understanding of the game creation pipeline, from concept through to release.
– Understanding and experience creating PBR texture maps.
– Strong understanding of game character creation (retopology for ideal rigging deformation and to convincingly support normal maps)

Website: http://www.matiasmolero.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/matiasmolero
Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artist/matiasmolero/profile

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