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A realtime portrait – MAKING OF – TUTORIAL by Glauco Longhi

A realtime portrait – MAKING OF – TUTORIAL by Glauco Longhi

Glauco Longhi is a traditional and digital sculptor, currently employed as a Character Artist on Uncharted 4 at Naughty Dog in Santa Monica, California. In this post you will see A realtime portrait – MAKING OF – TUTORIAL by Glauco Longhi. This project started as a zbrush demo for Jeffrey Wilson`s class on how to clean up a scanned head, done by his friends at 3dscanstore. Glauco decided to take it further and re-texture it, refine the details and change the sculpt a bit, hand sculpt the leather jacket and study realtime shaders/light/render. The hair is cards with transparency. Renders out of Marmoset Toolbag 2.

















Glauco started cleaning the raw data using the clay brush with alt pressed (zsub) and also using the Smoothing`s tweaked algorithm – Hold shift, click and hold with the pen, release shift, and then you go. This mainly smooth out the surface without changing the overall surface too much. This also removes all those stars and triangles points that you get using dynamesh. He duplicate the head, set a morph target and then re-project all those raw details back. With the morph brush, He can JUST remove the needed stuff. Actually this process helps if He just want to get rid of something specific for instance. In this case He re-sculpted all the micro surface and some small forms to make it more interesting.




this is a small breakdown of how he approach those details, variations and pores direction.




The jacket and t-shirt begun with a simple sphere dynamesh sketch, quick zbrush retopo, then into 3ds max to close the topology and UV it. Then, back to zbrush to sculpt and detail for normal map extraction.






For the textures he used zbrush to photoshop, using the same principle as used on cleaning up the mesh. The uv`s were done with UvMaster.






For the difuse of those hairs, he use just a plain gradient or the painted hairs.








The leather jacket was also a skin shader based material. The Subdermis Scatter helps to break down the shadows a bit and also give more of the leather look to it.



Website: http://glaucolonghi.com/

Zbrushcentral: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?187560-A-realtime-portrait-HUGE-MAKING-OF-TUTORIAL

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