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Ji Gong 3D Art by Jian Xu

Ji Gong 3D Art by Jian Xu

Jian Xu is a 3D Artist from China. In this post you will see Taibai 3D Print by Jian Xu. This man is a dignitary of Buddhist. He loved wine and meat,meanwhile,he was wisdom and really kind people used to helping poor people. His classic word was: wine and meat just pass through my body,but buddha has been always in my mind. He died in 1209, almost 800 years before. There were many novel about him in China. Jian made the basic model by Maya,and used Zbrush to make all the details. Photoshop for texture, mental ray for rendering.
















About hair, He made skull cap for seperating an area growing hair. the hair is made by Hair and Fur in max,and shaped by Hair Brush.At last,the hair was converted to mesh.





Blog: http://blog.sina.com.cn/cgradiation

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