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Oops Backfire Bang 3D Art by Tina Li

Oops Backfire Bang 3D Art by Tina Li

Tina Li is a 3D Artist and in this post you will see Oops Backfire Bang 3D Art by Tina Li. The reference is from Massive Black. There’s quite a lot of liquid expression in it. Tina Li created the liquid by ZSphere in Zbrush. The application of texture and UV is realized in ZBrush.

























Tina Li used programs like ZBrush, Photoshop, Maya, Quixel, and Marvelous Designer. But for cloths, most of them are sculpted in ZBrush. For instance, the shirt of the old man, the pants of the headless body, and the blue tee of the boy are completely sculpted in ZBrush. Only the dress of the girl, the pants of the boy and the man with the gun are 50% done in Marvelous Designer and the rest of the surface details and adjustment are done in ZBrush. Because ZBrush can better control the placement of the wrinkles of the cloth.







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