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Fratricidal strife idiom 3D Art by zhiji zhang

Fratricidal strife idiom 3D Art and Breakdowns by zhiji zhang

ZHIJI ZHANG is a 3D Artist from shengzheng, China. In this post you will see Fratricidal strife idiom 3D Art by zhiji zhang. The background story of this work is happened in China’s civil war in 1947. the Kuomintang government in mainland China is struggling for death. The government catched innumerable adult and un-adoult males for military service massively which was a huge disaster for each family. The picture depicts a scene of these catched men who were shaving before go for military service. Done in Zbrush.
















Sketching and conceptual design




Reference collecting




Raw modeling




Refining the models




Auto retopology and UVs




Making the scene and character integration




Materials and lighting










Making hair




Post production and final image






Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artist/zhijizhang/profile

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