ZBrush for Ideation 250+ Video Series by Michael Pavlovich

Intro to Zbrush Video Tutorials and Files by Michael Pavlovich

Intro to Zbrush Video Tutorials and Files by Michael Pavlovich

MICHAEL PAVLOVICH is a Senior Artist from Austin, TX, United States of America. In this post you will see Intro to Zbrush Video Tutorials and Files by Michael Pavlovich. Tutorials are available on gumroad. So visit his gumroad and get those awesome zbrush tutorial.

Gumroad Link of Michael Pavlovich 


Intro To ZBrush Part 1

Use ZBrush as a concept, illustration, or production tool, starting here! Over 6 hours of video spread over 46 videos, all designed to get you productive in ZBrush in as short a time as possible, from navigation basics all they way to doing your own concept sculpts and keyshot renders. Lets get ZBrushing!

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Intro To ZBrush Part 2

With almost 8 hours of instruction and 70 videos, Intro to ZBrush Part 2 is designed to crank your ZBrush abilities up a notch! We start immediately with getting custom hotkeys, interface, and menus to keep your creativity flowing on the page, instead of hunting and pecking off to the side. From there we’ll give your designs a boost, with base mesh, accessory mesh, and advanced brush creation techniques. To wrap it up, there will be bonus videos on how the cover art to ZBrush Part 2 was created.

Once you’ve got Part 1 and Part 2 under your belt, head over to Part 3 for the final chapter in ZBrush fundamentals!

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Intro To ZBrush Part 3

The final chapter in ZBrush fundamentals is here, weighing in at over seven and a half hours of instruction and 67 videos! There’s a huge range of topics covered in this part, from alpha brush creation, panel loops, ZModeler, polypainting, materials, textures, lighting, cameras, compositing, UVs, surface noise, layers, micro, nano, array, fiber mesh, and more, if you can believe it!

And just like the first two parts, we’ll wrap it up with some bonus videos covering the creation of the cover art for this section, utilizing everything we’ve learned up to this point.

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Intro To ZBrush files

The reptile bust and armored reptile bust .ZTL files, a few brushes, and my ZStartup folder.

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