ZBrush for Ideation 250+ Video Series by Michael Pavlovich

Creature Production Video Tutorial Series by Michael Pavlovich

Creature Production Video Tutorial Series by Michael Pavlovich

MICHAEL PAVLOVICH is a Senior Artist 3d artist from Austin, TX, United States of America. He presented his Creature Production Video Tutorial Series on gumroad.

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Part 1 is 69 videos, 8 hours, and covers the entire creation, from concept blockout to high frequency details, of the high res and polypaint of the reptile creature in ZBrush. Part 2 is 87 videos, 8 hours, and covers the entire game res process, from retopology all the way to real time rendering solutions. ZBrush retopology, Maya 2016 modeling toolkit retopology, redirecting edgeflow for animation, Headus UV layout, Maya UV tools, ZBrush UV Master, baking maps in Substance Painter, XNormal, ZBrush, Maya, and Substance Designer, texturing in Substance Painter 2.0, rendering in IRAY, Marmoset, and Octane. If you get both parts, you’ll also get a bonus 2 hours that covers the creation of the column prop and posing of the reptile creature, the 3D printing process of the prop, and the making of the marketing image using ZBrush render layers and Photoshop.



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Part 1 High Res Videos:



Blockout Overview
Basic Brushes Part 1 & 2
Rough Blockout Part 1 & 2
Subtool Dynamesh
ZSphere Base Body
Body Blockout Part 1 – 5
Dynamesh Resolution
Head Unit Plane
Transpose Head Units
Polygroup Masking
Evaluating Silhouette
Materials And Lights

Refine Sculpt:

Overview Part 1 – 5
Splitting And Refining Head Part 1 & 2
Eyeballs And Rough Teeth
Mouth Flap And Tongue
Form Exploration And Sinew
Secondary Details
Custom Insert Scales Brush
Thickness Close Holes
Thickness Extraction
Thickness ZRemesh And Project
Thickness Morph Diff
Nanomesh Scales Topology
Nanomesh Scales Polygroups
Nanomesh Scales Application
Applying Back Scales
Thick Skin Details
ZRemesh And Project
Skin Direction
ZRemesh Teeth
Alpha Skin Detailing
Custom Skin Alphas
Layers And Morph Targets
Surface Noise
Curve Brush Gills
Finger Grips


Polypaint Overview
Polypaint Basics
Skin Mottling
Skin Layering Part 1 & 2
Cavity Masking
Cavity Painting
Brush Color Modes
Building Up Scales
Adding Detail
Testing Ideas
Material Painting
Post Effects Filters
Basic Lighting
Spotlight Texturing


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Part 2 Game Res Videos:



Retopology Overview
Topology Review
Mouthbag Creation
ZRemesh for Animation
Polypaint Guides
ZSphere Topology
Poypainting Body Topology
Reptile Topology Flow
ZSphere Retopology
Zremesh Cleanup
Crash Recovery And Fixes
Exporting Bake And Resurface Meshes
Assigning And Exporting Mat IDs
Maya Scene Organization
Live Mesh Setup
Modeling Live Append To Polygon
Modeling Live Transfer And Tweak
Modeling Live Edge Operations
Modeling Live Cleanup And Mirror
Modeling Live Symmetry And Soft Select
Quad Draw Part 1
Quad Draw Part 2
Topology And Constraints
Redirecting Flow
Duplicating And Snapping Fingers
Primitive Snapping


Reptile UVs And Bake Overview
Headus Part 1-3
Maya UV Setup
Maya Basics
Checker Utilities
Maya UV Window
Texel Density
Packing And Texture Sizes
Finish Maya Packing
Maya Auto UV
Maya Cut Pin Unfold
Surface Normals
ZBrush UV Master
Exporting Low


Multi Baking In Painter
XNormal Setup And Maps
Ray Distance And Cage
XNormal Save Settings
Corrective Bakes
Photoshop Map Compositing
Viewing Maps In Maya
Exporting Game Model
Baking Auxillary Maps
UV Snapshot
Baking Maps In ZBrush
Baking Maps In Maya


Texturing Overview
Texturing Overview Variants
PBR Resources
Painter 2 Overview And Setup
Texture Map Explanations
Plugging In Maps
PBR Basics
Materials Tab
Custom Material Base Color
Custom Material Height And Roughness
Custom Smart Material
Smart Material Dissection
Belly And Back Skin
Back Skin Procedural Mask
Brush Basics
Mask Filters
Polypaint As Base Color
Texturing Areas Part 1 & 2
Quick Mask
Custom Alpha And Stitches
Custom Brick And Tri-Planar Projection
SSS And Transmission
Emissive And AO Channels
Painter Walkthrough And Render
Texture Variants
Particle Texturing
Export Texture Configs
Iteration Creation


IRAY Render
Marmoset Setup And Lighting
Painter Octane Export
Octane Materials
Assigning Textures
Render Target
Lighting Environments
Octane Camera And Export


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Bonus Section for Part 1 & 2 Bundle Purchase:


Pose And Column Sculpt Overview
Transpose Master Setup
Adding Reference Meshes
Mask And Transpose
Transferring And Cleanup
Transpose Envelope Discussion
Fine Tuning The Envelope
Transpose Envelope
ZModeler Column
Column Blockout
Column Refine
Plastered Brick
Rune Stone Alphas
Rune Stones Array
Column Destruction
3D Print Export And Cleanup
3D Print Supports And Print
3D Prints
ZBrush Render Passes
Photoshop Compositing


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003 Creature Intro Bonus
019 block Evaluating Silhouette
051 refine Curve Brush Gills
061 plypnt Brush Color Modes
068 plypnt Spotlight Texturing
092 retop Zremesh Cleanup
103 retop Quad Draw Part 1
104 retop Quad Draw Part 2
123 uvs ZBrush UV Master
125 Multi Baking In Painter From ZBrush
161 texture SSS And Transmission
168 texture IRAY Render
171 Octane Materials

Variant setup in Substance Painter 2.0!

IRAY render from Painter

3D Prints!


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