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Female Assassin 3D WIP by SU X-CHIH

Female Assassin 3D WIP by SU X-CHIH

SU X-CHIH is a 3d character artist from Taipei, Taiwan. In this post you will see Female Assassin 3D WIP by SU X-CHIH. The original concept is Evie Frye from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Su change her face basing on Su’s preferences and headcanon some stuff. Put some creepy smile on her because Su want people to feel she’s excited about killing games. Su will use UE4 to do the final render.


Assassin’s Creed _WIP


hidden blade

Assassin’s Creed _UE4 Realtime render

I used DDO to do most of the textures, but for skin texture, initially I hand paint the basic color in bodypain. 大多數的貼圖都是直接用DDO做的,臉則是先在bodypaint手繪一層底色
I think some of the UE4 material setting are just too hard for beginners(and foreigners =.=)like me. TRICK: I download UE4 Engine Freature sample, as reference for material setting and texture replacement. UE4的有些材質球設定,對於像我一樣的新手外國人來說太難了。偷吃步: 下載官方的樣本直接參考
background: UE4 Reflection Environment sample
cloesr (I tried to create a strange atmosphere, I want people to feel she’s excited about killing games.)想要營造出她熱愛殺謬的氛圍
more closer


reference: (more high quality render setting inUE4)
1.使用ZB的FiberMesh製作基礎模型,並擁有相同UV。 2.在3DMAX轉換FiberMesh to spline(外掛) 。 3.修改頭髮模型 。 用 HairAndFur 製作隨機亂髮
reference: (Fibermesh with same uv). (Zbrush Fibermesh to 3d max hair and fur tutorial with script). (another Fibermesh to 3d max hair and fur tutorial)
creepy version



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xchih.su
Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artist/xx_su/profile

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