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Troll breakdown – Beowulf return to the shieldlands by Jason Brown

Troll breakdown – Beowulf return to the shieldlands by Jason Brown

Making of the troll (Beowulf return to the shieldlands). Jason at milk-vfx spent most of his time on the itv series “Beowulf return to the shieldlands” and the troll was one of his main assets to build(model, sculpt & blendshapes).



For the troll Jason created multiple vector maps “standard displacement and contraction maps contract & stretch”. He put some images up of the comparison starting from low poly to standard vector map to contract map (muscles, veins and wrinkles)














Final shots of the troll










Talented Milk-vfx people Troll build credits:

supervisor – Jean-claude Deguara & Nicolas Hernandez
Concept – grant bronser & Daniel Bystedt
Texturing – Henry south
Look dev & lighting – Adrian Williams
Fur & lighting- Dominic Alderson
Rigging – Neil Roche

Jason Brown Character/Creature Reel

Snow white and the huntsman (modeling lead – model & sculpt – mirrorman & environment)
Sinbad (model, sculpt & texture – demon snakes, guardian, d-doubles)
BBC documentary: Ice age – (model & sculpt – wooly mammoth, columbian mammoth, mastodon)
Dr.who (model, sculpt & texture – ice governess)
Dredd 3D (model & texture – incinerating face)
Mass Effect 3 – commercial (tweaked Bioware model to fit live action) model, texture, shade – cannibal & reaper)



Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/jasonbrown3d

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