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Mad Pink 3D Breakdowns by Felipe Chaves

Mad Pink 3D Breakdowns by Felipe Chaves

FELIPE CHAVES is a 3D Game Artist – Black River Studios – SAMSUNG from Manaus, Brazil. In this post you will see Mad Pink 3D art and its Breakdowns by Felipe Chaves. All the textures was made using Photoshop and xNormal bakes, except by the gun, that Felipe used Substance Painter 2.0. For the long hair he used GMH with a lot of work on photoshop and a skin material on Marmoset. For the short Hair, eyebrow and eyelashes he used ZBrush Fibermesh and baked on xNormal. T-shirt highpoly base was made on Marvelous designer for learning purposes. Rigging he used Advanced Skeleton Plugin for Maya.




Blocking Phase

Blocking Details

Retopology for Highpoly details

Highpoly details

Final Low poly with Textures

Texture Sets
Mad Pink rigging

Based on the concept of Dani Naimare:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/felipe.chaves.184
Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artist/felipechaves/profile

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