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Top 5 3D Art by Alberto Casu

Top 5 3D Art by Alberto Casu

ALBERTO CASU is a CG Generalist at Digital Domain 3.0 from Vancouver, Canada. In this post you will see Top 5 3D Art by Alberto Casu.


DarkSorceress SneakPeek

Sculpted in Zbrush and Maya 2016. Displacement for face and eyes in Mari using displacement from Texturing XYZ.
Hair done in Xgen for Maya 2016. Rendered in V-Ray 3. Some final tweak in Photoshop.


DarkSorceress Black & White

DarkSorceress Black & White Close-Up

Maya Viewport
Maya Viewport Guides

Jie’s Portrait

Done with Maya, Zbrush, xGen, Mari, Vray, Nuke and some Photoshop.

lighting V02 – 4k render
Lighting V01 – 4k render
Vogue – for the giggle
xGen groom test
xGen viewport test
xGen color clumps test
xGen Peach Fur
xGen Curve main Description
TexturingXYZ Disp
OverModel everything!!

I’ll stand for the dwarf

Sculpted in Zbrush, and Maya 2016. Texture done in Mari and Quixel Suite 2.0. Disp from Texturing XYZ not showing yet in this render. Hair with Xgen. Clothes with Marvelous Designer. Rendered with Vray. Nuke for grading and a final pass with photoshop for dodge/burn.

Render Color
render BW
Render Front Color
render Front BW
zbrush Screen grab
Zbrush Screen Grab

Stylish Killer










Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artist/nexfero/profile

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