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Handpainted Compositing inside Substance Designer by Stephane Fontaine

Handpainted Compositing inside Substance Designer by Stephane Fontaine

STEPHANE FONTAINE is a Level / Environment Artist from Paris, France. In this post you will see Handpainted Compositing inside Substance Designer by Stephane Fontaine. Just a Substance Stephane made to save Time and iterate fast to get Base textures before repainting on top of it. Saves time and usefull for large projects with multiple Assets. Made a node to composite all baked maps to get an handpainted base to paint over, avoid the hassle of Photoshop! It saves time, lets you iteraste faster and you don’t have to worry if you rebake a lot. It’s also usefull for projects (Like in UE4), when you want to have a clean base setup before Painting over it. Still a wip and Stephane is planning to add even more control for the user. Lots of cool things coming. You can also save Presets inside B2M so If you like something you can use it later on.




Save Presets for Quick Iterations
Works with Grabbed Docs from Zbrush
Lit in Unreal
Parallax Tiling
AO too high, so Just need to reduce it in the Substance and done
Web: http://fontaineste.wix.com/3dartist
Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artist/sfontaine/profile

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