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Oniko & Tama by Blair Armitage

Oniko & Tama by Blair Armitage

BLAIR ARMITAGE is a 3D Character Artist from Tokyo, Japan. In this post you will see Oniko & Tama by Blair Armitage. Blair made this for the Artwar contest over at Cubebrush. Blair wanted to do a different take on the ‘fantasy’ theme, so here’s my attempt at an eastern-inspired, whimsical fantasy character. She was a lot of fun to make!


Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 3, decimated meshes + polypaint

Rendered using Keyshot Bridge for Zbrush

Rendered using Keyshot Bridge for Zbrush

Clay renders made in Arnold

Zbrush BPR render

Concept sketch

Hero Name: Oniko, Team: Fantasy, Race: Demon, Bio: Warrior, ramen chef and delivery girl. Her trusty kanabō club and small companion lets her deliver food on the battlefield while fighting off monsters. She’s self-conscious about her height and is never seen without her woodblock sandals. Her crude personality makes her unpopular with her peers, but she’s prepared to give it her all for the fantasy side :boom: Likes: Spicy food, smashing things, hellfire hot springs, :meat_on_bone:, Dislikes: Cold weather, soggy noodles.

On cubebrush: https://forums.cubebrush.co/t/art-war-3d-oni-chef-girl-blair/2097
Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artist/blairarmitage/profile

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