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Pitt 3D Art by Guang Yang

Pitt 3D Art by Guang Yang

GUANG YANG is a Character artist from shanghai, China. In this post you will see Pitt 3D Art by Guang Yang. For Brad Pitt he used topology’s basis model. While the hair is 100% done used by fibermesh. Displacement and cavity is created from ZB. He used the XYZTexturing displacement map to make details in zbrush and mari. He used standrad, dam, claybrush to modify. The whole head more than 10UVs. The final rendering is in Maya, arnold. Render size is 8K.



Zbrushcentral: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?186276&p=1084550&viewfull=1#post1084550

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Zbrush Human Zbuilder V2

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  1. Hey yang,..its looking great…can u upload side view of brad pitt.
    because i m also sculpting brad pitt bt i am not getting gud result so plzz help me …upload side view.
    by the way u are fantastic artist.

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