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Top 10 Tips in Zbrush for Vehicle Designers

Top 10 Tips in Zbrush for Vehicle Designers

Tip 1: Export Zbrush Models for VRED

How to prepare a Zbrush model for rendering in Autodesk’s VRED


Tip 2: Steering Wheel Ideation in Zbrush

3D exploration of a steering wheel concept in Zbrush


Tip 3: Resurfacing a Zbrush Concept Model

Resurfacing Zbrush concept models to cleanup highlights and transition to nurbs


Tip 4: Procreate App Review

A quick review of the amazing Procreate app for the Ipad.


Tip 5: Zbrush Topology Brush Block-In Technique

Blocking in a car model using Zbrush’s topology brush.


Tip 6: Primitive Blockout in Zbrush

Blocking out an automotive concept car seat using a Low-poly primitive in Zbrush 4R6


Tip 7: Accurate Resurfacing with Polygons

Fine tuning a retoped car surface with Modo’s sculpting brush


Carstylus SpokeMaker Plugin for Zbrush

The Carstylus SpokeMaker plug-in for Zbrush provides the ability to model and rotate car wheel spokes at preset intervals (4-12), allowing designers / modelers to see and experiment with wheel design concepts relatively quickly.


Tip 9: Cutting in Lenses

A technique on how to cut in clean head lamp lenses and other graphics using polygroups and edge creases in zbrush


T10 Zbrush Snapshot

Using the Zbrush snapshot feature to create quick compositions for sketch underlays or quick renders


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