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Breakdowns of The Punisher by MARCELLUS BARNES

Breakdowns of The Punisher by MARCELLUS BARNES

MARCELLUS BARNES is a Freelance Character Artist from San Diego, United States of America. He is Veteran of the game industry branching off into digital sculpture for collectibles. Sotwares he used are Maya, Zbrush, 3DSMax, LightWave 3D, Photoshop CS4, Topogun, Unity3D Quixel Suite, Marvelous desighner. He is Skilled in organic and hard surface modeling, texture creation both hand painted and photo generated, human and animal anatomy, 3D scan cleanup, traditional drawing and painting, character design, rigging.

In this post you will see Breakdowns of The Punisher by MARCELLUS BARNES.


Punisher WIP





Portrait refinement





Final pass



Aging the psycho



Punisher Comic Renders





Punisher sculpt renders









Lightcap Setup for Posterization (Quick Walkthrough)

1. Clear out the regular lights and lower ambient light to zero, your piece should be almost black with a standard material applied. Open the Lightcap tab under tools/lights and create a new light which should give you a soft light set in the center of the Lightcap window.

2. With the new light, set the falloff to 0, this will remove the natural gradation of light across your model. I raise the strength to 1.5, give it a green hue, and lower the aperture to 65.8 which will limit the area of the light’s influence. I positioned this one a little right of center at the top of the window to create some thicker shadows.

3. I then added a one for highlights, placing it top center so he could get some extra shine on his features. The strength was set low so as not to combat the main light while the falloff is left default to mimic the coloring highlights most comics use. I set the aperture to 38 to keep it targeted.

4. The last is a rim light for all the areas lost in shadow. It was placed very close to the window’s edge while not touching it since that’ll light the entire rim of the sculpt. I raised the exposure and gamma for a hotter light, then dropped the aperture to 13, limiting it to the edges. The strength was pushed to 6.5.

5. I tend to mess around a bit with hues and light strength during the rendering process since it’s a little different than the results you see throughout setup.

For my initial renders, I added a small outline in Photoshop as well as a saturation increase to some areas for more of a punch up.



Website: http://www.marcellus2.com/
Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artist/mtron32/profile

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