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Blade The Human Hunter 3D Art WIP by GURU PRASADK

Blade The Human Hunter 3D Art WIP by GURU PRASADK

GURU PRASADK is a Experienced Game Artist DHRUVA INTERACTIVE from Bangalore, India. In this post you will see Blade The Human Hunter 3D Art by GURU PRASADK. His entry for Comicon Challenge 2016. Used Marvelous designer for cloth, zbrush for detailing, maya and zbrush for retopology, substance painter and photoshop for texturing. He chose Blade and made his undead version.













Name:  Blade reference.jpg
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quick sketches

Name:  quicksketches update.jpg
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Name:  quicksketches update2.jpg
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concept sculpt

Name:  concept_sculpt.jpg
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Name:  concept_sculpt2.jpg
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weapon blocking

Name:  weapon01.jpg
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shoe detail sculpt

Name:  shoe detail sculpt.jpg
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Name:  shoe detail sculpt2.jpg
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lowerbody detail sculpt WIP


Name:  lowerbody detail sculpt WIP.jpg
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upperbody detail sculpt WIP

Name:  upperbody detail sculpt WIP.jpg
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gloves detail sculpt

Name:  gloves detail sculpt.jpg
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small tweaks upperbody

Name:  upperbody detail sculpt WIP.jpg
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coat detail sculpt

Name:  coat detail sculpt 03.jpg
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Name:  coat detail sculpt 02.jpg
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Name:  coat detail sculpt 04.jpg
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sword detail sculpt

Name:  sword detail sculpt.jpg
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gun sculpt WIP

Name:  gun scult WIP.jpg
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Name:  coat detail sculpt 01.jpg
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small tweaks on face


Name:  ZBrush Document3.jpg
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face detail sculpt

Name:  face detail sculpt1.jpg
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Name:  face detail sculpt2.jpg
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lowpoly model01

Name:  lowpoly model1.jpg
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Occlusion & normal map pass

Name:  occfront.jpg
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Name:  occback.jpg
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face Texturing

Name:  face.jpg
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Name:  face2.jpg
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Name:  presentation.jpg
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Construction Image

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Name:  Texture-Images.jpg
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Name:  Concept.jpg
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Vote for him at: http://www.gameartisans.org/challenges/view-entries_comicon-challenge-2016_3d-char.php

Website: http://gp-3d.blogspot.in/
Linkedin: http://in.linkedin.com/pub/guru-prasad/52/a52/638/

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