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Wow where is he looking 3D Art by Lu Hu

Wow where is he looking 3D Art by Lu Hu

Lu Hu is a 3D Artist. In this post you will see Wow where is he looking 3D Art by Lu Hu. The dynamic model and character design are finished in Zbrush. The scene and sticker are made in max mari substance. The rendering is made with Arnold. The synthesis is made with PhotoShop.

It is devoted to the breathtaking story about three people who have stolen a steam-powered ball. At this moment, it seems that all the people are not looking at what they should look at. The muscular man is gazing at the thighs of the woman. But is she a real woman or just a woman robot? The robot that is chasing the three thieves is attracted to the balloon behind them. The cute robot has forgotten what she is supposed to do. After finding the robot, the fat man is holding a grenade for self-protection. He looks hungry when seeing the ring of the grenade. It seems that the ring has reminded him of some food. Only the shrewd thin man notices the collapsed road. He has no other choice but to grab the hair of the muscular man so as to warn him. But it is wig indeed. The three people in danger are almost falling off.
















Zbrushcentral: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/member.php?389895-Lu-Hu

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