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Making of Girl Portrait in Zbrush by Daniel Bloecher

Making of Girl Portrait in Zbrush by Daniel Bloecher

DANIEL BLOECHER is a Freelance 3D Artist from Berlin, Germany. In this post you will see Making of Girl Portrait in Zbrush by Daniel Bloecher. Pores/ wrinkles done by hand using alphas/ brushes by Rick Baker, Kris Kosta, Adam Skutt; a xyz map for the lip details; a generic skin alpha for overall detailing. Hair done with ornatrix, used multiple Ox objects for easyer editing, like two for the tail, 3 for the main head hair, peach fuzz, 3 for brows and surrounding area.. partially styled in max, but most parts done in ZBrush, exported splines which were used as guides. Shirt done in Marvelous, detail added in ZBrush and NRM map baked in Substance Painter, no DISP on the shirt. Daniel recommend the Mirror Patches script for Mari by Beat Reichenbach. For reordering vertices: Morphix in Max, GeometryWalker in Maya.



Mari Texture

Step 1: Reference and resources




Step 2: Base modeling




Step 3: Detail modeling




Step 4: UV

UVs are split in several patches, left and right extremities using the same space



Step 5: Shirt




Step 6: Texturing and shading




Step 7: Hair




Step 8: Final Touches

Step 9: In the End…







Watch the whole making of at: http://www.3dtotal.com/tutorial/2267-digital-character-study-3ds-max-mari-misc-photoshop-v-ray-zbrush-by-daniel-bloecher-portrait-making


Website: http://art-by-bloecher.com/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielbloecher3dartist
Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artist/bloecher/profile

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