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Ashen Breakdown by Alex Hagen

Ashen Breakdown by Alex Hagen

ALEX HAGEN is a Graphic Designer, Motion Grapher, Visual Artist from Bologna, Italy. In this post you will see Ashen Breakdown by Alex Hagen.


Early stage of the artwork.

Light study + further improvements

Final Artwork with some minor tweakings in photoshop.

Ambient occlusion.

Wireframe of the objects, resulting in a total of 752.783 polygons.
Ashen – Breakdown

The artwork consists in more than 70hrs of renders between adjustments and various tweakings and is made to comprehend better the capabilities of Octane Renderer for C4D and to seek out some informations about inner fears and thoughts .The hole project is structured in various stages:

– Zbrush research with custom made brushes for the drake.
– Custom rig to make it more dinamic as the drake was modelled horizontally.
– Drake’s placed in an environment to better suit it’s capabilities and uses.
– The env is then constructed gradually to fit it’s needs and scale.
– There is a little light study to fully comprehend how the light bounces with some scattering here and there, the coherent ratio is brought to life.
– Texturing made mainly in Substance Designer and Painter.
– Further light studies and yet other renders.
– Final render + minor tweakings in photoshop.
– Existential crisys at the end of the artwork, wondering if obsession is stronger than madness.

Website: http://www.alex-hagen.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alex.popa.39501
Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artist/alexhagen/profile

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